It’s more than just money.

Just as the name suggests: personal finances are personal. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate each client’s total financial situation, and customize our investment management plan to meet your unique requirements.

We offer a broad range of personal financial planning services, and, if needed, also provide specialized planning in areas such as estate settlement, business succession planning, and charitable giving. 

For high net-worth individuals, we offer a complete suite of services. Get in touch with an advisor today to see if this option is the right fit for you.

What We Do

We offer a variety of flat-fee services to benefit you:


Holistic Wealth Advice

Our wealth advice begins by developing an understanding of your long-term vision. This covers where you are today, and where you aspire to be in the future. Once we know your financial goals, we’ll create a roadmap to help you get there.

Tax Efficient Investing

Smart investing and financial decisions are only part of the picture. Understanding the tax implications that go along with your investments are a part of any sound financial approach. By analyzing your tax returns and current situation, we can identify strategies to help ensure you’re receiving the benefits to which you’re entitled.

Risk Management

Having a tailored plan in place before something unforeseen happens will help you focus on accomplishing what’s most important to you. Your advisor will work with our team of risk management professionals to ensure your current level of protection is appropriate for your situation.


We’ll take a proactive approach by diversifying your portfolios among multiple asset classes. Some of these may include fixed income, cash, equities, real assets and alternative investments. We may utilize both active and passive strategies, and will consider different strategies and styles to help ensure your investments work for you.

Legacy Estate Planning Strategies

An effective estate strategy can clearly define your wishes and help ensure that they’re carried out in a tax-efficient manner - even if you’re unable to communicate. Whether you wish to leave a legacy to your family, or to a favored organization, we can help develop a strategy to help ensure your assets are passed to the correct hands.

Specialized Business Services

We have a network of business advisory professionals who can work with your advisor on business valuation, mergers, and acquisitions. We may also help you develop a business succession transition plan to increase value and create advantages for you and your business so you’re prepared when the time comes.