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Our Services

For individuals with over $1,000,000 of investable assets, we offer a complete suite of services.  We begin by customizing our investment management to meet each client's unique requirements.  All of a client's accounts and assets are coordinated and managed together to meet the overall goals important to that client. 

We thoroughly evaluate each client’s total financial situation and offer a broad range of personal financial planning services in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, retirement analysis and tax planning. As needed, we also provide special planning in areas such as estate settlement and trust funding, succession of closely held business ownership, charitable giving and employee benefits.
In providing personal planning to our wealth management clients, our goal is to be a truly objective source of sound advice. All of this is provided under our one attractive wealth management fee.  This our preferred method of doing business. However in some instances, we may collect a commission for insurance or annuity product. 
Asset Management
For individuals with over $1,000,000 of investable assets (our household account minimum per family), we offer our investment management for a fixed management fee of only 1% per year. 
Comprehensive Financial Planning
For a separate fee starting from $900 and up depending on complexity of the plan, we offer comprehensive financial planning services. These services include a customized cash flow projection for each family, Monte Carlo Simulation calculations, asset allocation with tactical and long term strategic models, retirement planning, risk management, tax planning, investment planning, and estate planning.                        

Mint Wealth Management Planning Process:
1.   Define scope of engagement with client
2.   Learn about the client and the client’s goals
3.   Educate the client
4.   Answer client’s questions and resolve concerns
5.   Analyze financial and personal client information
6.   Prepare strategies and personalized plan for the client
7.   Review plan with the client and get approval
8.   Implement the plan with the client
9.   Measure, monitor, manage, and report to client
10. Implement periodic updates and rebalancing
  • Actively Managed Portfolios - Strategic and Tactical portfolio's
  • Income Producing Investments
  • Non Correlating Asset Classes
  • Protecting Your Principal
  • Organizing Your Investment Information through eMoney
Retirement Planning
  • Social Security & Company Benefit Coordination
  • 401K Rollover Planning
  • Pension Analysis
  • Analysis of Retirement Plan Options
  • Realistic Goal Setting
  • 10 Year Cash Flow Projections
  • Advisor on 401k plans for employers and employees
Insurance Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Long Term Care - Health or Life Based coverage
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Burial Policies
  • Review of Existing Policies
Estate Planning
  • Coordination of Legal Documents
  • Beneficiary Reviews
  • Wealth Distribution to Family or Charity
  • Board Certified Estate Planning Attorney who works with majority of our clients
Tax Planning
  • Tax Return Review
  • Strategies to Reduce Tax Burden