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Our Culture

Clients come first.  This is the essence of our culture, and it is the way we go about everything that we do. 

Our attitude is demonstrated by our attention to detail and personal touch in every aspect of our relationship with our clients.

Our Firm Was Featured in January 2020 Advisors Magazine 

We are always available to meet with wealth management clients.

  • Clients talk with a member of our team … every time.
  • Efficient & friendly administrative services.
  • Simple, easy to read reports (including performance).
  • Monthly commentary about the economy and the markets on our web site.
  • Special communications on important events.
  • Wealth management client gatherings during the year to discuss investments and planning opportunities.

We want our clients to know their business is appreciated and we strive to be the best partner for their financial affairs.

* Calculating Our Annual Client Retention Rate

Our annual client retention rate averages over 98% for the past ten years. The annual rate is calculated by taking the total number of clients at the start of the year (SC) and subtracting from it the number of clients who would go on to drop service that year (DC) to arrive at the year-end total (EC). The year-end total is then divided by the start of year total to arrive at the retention rate.

So in other words: (SC - DC) / SC = Retention Rate

Note that because the EC calculation uses the number of clients who started the year, it does not include new clients who came on board later that same year.